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Gallery WOA

If you don't know the art #GalleryWOA yet, you have to go and check it out!

First of all it is located in a historic area of Barcelona that's really cool, at the edge of the Borne, where you will find plenty of cutting edge designer shops, workshops, cafes and great restaurants, as well as Museums and some of the oldest buildings in the Gotico .

And not to be forgotten, it is located right behind the "Mercat Santa Catarina", a must visit.

The art #gallerywoa

Then of course there is the fantastic selection of art work you will find at the gallery! paintings and sculptures by Catalan artist Carme Albaiges, paintings by NAD.O, and my "coup de coeur" of the day:

The exquisite works of MESA BONITA , who renovates antique hydraulic tiles found in the dumpsters all over Barcelona to turn them into real pieces of art:

like this trivet, a piece of art with a function :

Cobalt blue trivet by #Mesabonitabcn, over 100 years old

Or like this gorgeous table:


Mesa Bonita offers an infinite possibilities of table designs, made on demand to meet the specific requirements of your home.

Learn more on Carrer de los Semoleres 10, Barcelona

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