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Last night, NAD.O had the pleasure of attending the opening of this beautiful exhibition held at the MEAM ( European Museum of Modern Art ), a less known but great  foundation located in the Borne.

MEAM is a private non-profit Foundation, not supported by any public institution. Its manifesto states that "it has become the temple of the religion of those that believe, well into the 21st century, in a new expression of what is contemporary in art. Art that no longer conforms with experimentation turned into an end in itself, nor with the permanent essay of forms and colours without achieving any definitive product, nor with the worship of noise for noise’s sake, nor with the manufacture of film montages condemned to boredom. And this new expression once again requires a direct, express, rounded, total, real, intelligible and brilliant art, capable of generating hopes and arousing admiration in wide sectors of the population who, in this way, will make their peace with the art of their time again and dream with hopes that are today completely forgotten."

The MEAM and Art Renewal Center present this large exhibition of current figurative art, resulting from two international competitions, ARC Salon and Figurative 2017, one organized in North America by Art Renewal Center and the other in Europe held by the Foundation of the Art and Artists.

This gives a chance  to the Barcelona public  to admire  the latest works of some of the best artists from all over the world.

Here is a selection of the artwork NAD.O liked most, by order of appearance :

Counter-time by SONG ZOUH


Joven entre trazos 1 by DEANGEL


Don't miss the exhibition, it finishes on March 31st!

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