All my artwork is inspired by and developed around color! Before deciding if a painting will end up being a nude or an abstract, I visualize color combinations in my mind. Inspiration comes in different ways from various sources... nature, architectural details, a particular color, music... sometimes from the canvas itself”


Before converting into the artist NAD.O, Nadine’s life was quite different. For more than ten years, she worked in the fashion and luxury industries living between Europe and the United States. After this enriching time and experience Nadine felt ready for a new challenge. She moved back to Paris and partnered in a venture to create FACE a FACE , a brand of high end designer Eyewear made in France.


From this moment on, Nadine travelled around the world for more than 20 years to promote Face a Face and develop its positioning in the international market. These numerous experiences and travels gave her the opportunity to absorb trends and impregnate herself with inspiration from all kinds of countries and cultures. At the same time, she shared this visual and sensory information with the design team, working actively with them, exploring a multitude of color ranges for the many collections launched on the market.


Since then, these experiences have been key in Nadine ‘s figure as an artist. The amount of input received and the multitude of colors experienced over the years reflect in her work. In fact, color is her passion!


In 2016, taking advantage of the sale of the company, she decided to take some self-reflection time. Nadine realized that she needed a break from the world of business and marketing and decided that time had come to start what she had been longing to do for a long time: draw, paint, and explore texture and canvas with colors.

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